About Us

Owner - Rikki Kellar

Rikki grew up with a love of nature and for the water. She spent most of her summers on Rainy Lake and during that time has watched the negative impact of plastics and waste on the planet. When she purchase her first home in 2019, she didn’t want to contribute to polluting the earth further and looked for alternative solutions for the home. Rikki started buying her products in bulk, ordering refill sizing and eco-friendly substitutes but was unable to find these items locally. That is where the idea of Rainy Lake Refill started.

Rikki wanted to start the business to raise awareness of the alternatives to products we use every day, and have them available locally.

Rainy Lake Refill provides consumers from the local area with eco-friendly and refillable alternatives to their current home and personal care products. All products can be purchased online for local delivery. Clients will (hopefully) soon also be able to find the Rainy Lake Refill at a market near them!

Thank you so much for stopping by,